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Cinder Hill Trout Syndicate, Bewl Water - Lamberhurst TN3 8JH & Arlington Reservoir - Berwick BN26 6TF

Hopefully this year we will get a period of spring weather, a time when colour returns to the countryside and when life blooms beneath the water’s surface. It’s my favourite time of year as I’ve said before, when the Trout are feeding hard and the water temperature is cool enough for them to be full of energy, what’s not to like? Read More

Chalybeate Springs - Eridge & Norton Fishery - Stapleford Tawney

Having got my “fly head on” again, I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing at the moment. I’ve enjoyed it so much, the challenge of fishing different waters, especially those I’d not fished before has given me a new sense of freedom I’ve not experience for many years. Read More

Thornwood Springs-Epping & Chequertree-Bethersden

I didn’t realise how much I’d missed my fly fishing until I started again. Last summer’s heat wave had enforced a break from the beginning of June until the Sunday before Christmas. Read More

Stowting-Ashford & Hazel Copse-Horsham

With conditions at Bewl deteriorating with the influx of new water being pumped in this added colour which always makes lure fishing less effective in my experience. I decided it would be a good time Read More

Farmoor Reservoir – Oxford [OX2 9NS]

This month saw James Gardner and I return to our other passion, fly fishing. Read More

Spring Hill – Pembury [TN2 4BB]

A spur of the moment decision saw me rock up at Jane and Lee Green’s Spring Hill trout fishery [TN2 4BB] near Tunbridge Wells one Sunday morning. Read More

Farmoor 1 reservoir

I’d like to share two quite different days I spent last April on Farmoor 1 reservoir in Oxford with my good friend James Gardner. Read More

Bewl Water 2017

Spring is my favourite time of year, a time when I’m always torn between lure fishing and fly fishing. Read More

Arlington reservoir 2017

Arlington in April, at last it’s time to get afloat on one of my favourite waters for dry fly fishing. Read More

Powdermill Reservoir 2014

Mayflies and Powdermill go together like "toast and jam", but the sweet taste lasts longer when you sample what Powdermill has to offer. Read More

Hazel Copse 2013

Winter fly fishing has become more and more popular on the small Stillwater scene over the last decade. Read More

Chigborough 2012

A spur of the moment decision saw James Gardner and I paying a visit to Chigborough Fisheries in Maldon, Essex. Read More

Bewl Water 2012

Very rarely does something comes along unexpectedly that really excites me. Read More

Decoy Lakes

As I've mentioned before I get very excited about the prospect of fishing a new venue so my latest visit to Decoy Lake near Peasmarsh was hastily arranged. Read More

Thornwood Spings

A visit to a new fishery is always something I look forward to so when I first heard about Thornwood Springs near Epping Essex, I was intrigued. Read More

Yew Tree Trout Fishery

Fly Fisherman in Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding area are blessed with several well established trout fisheries. One of these is Yew Tree near Rotherfield East Sussex. Read More

Bewl Water 2011

Bewl Water is our largest and most popular trout fishery in the south east of England, 770 acres of water surrounded by woodland with unspoilt views across the adjoining farmland. Unlike many reservoirs I've fished Bewl has plenty of character with many inlets, bays and arms, each one of these can hold fish and should be explored as you search for the abundant trout. Read More

Hanningfield Reservoir

Over the last few seasons Hanningfield has experienced a decline in its attendances by fly fisherman so the management took the bold decision to opened its doors to "any method" fishing to run alongside fly fishing, this got a rather negative response from the fly fishing fraternity which is a shame as their intention was to find a formula in which they could continue to run a trout fishery at this once popular venue. Read More

Weirwood Reservoir


Weirwood reopened for trout fishing back in 2010 after a layoff of several years, I had heard mixed reports about the fishing, everyone I’d spoken to was interested in visiting the water but was waiting to hear on the’ jungle telegraph’ how it was fishing before they invested their time and money on a trip, so James Gardner and I "bit the bullet" and visited the fishery to find out for ourselves. Read More

Eastwell Park, March 2011 by Andy Lush


Read More

Lakedown Trout Fishery

It’s a rare opportunity to be able to create a fishery from scratch but that's exactly what actor and ‘rock legend' Roger Daltry did back in the 1980’s. Read More

Return to Eastwell Park


Read More

Chalk Springs, Arundel

Hidden within walking distance of the town of Arundel in West Sussex and overlooked by the castle is the famous trout fishery ‘Chalk Springs'. Read More

Hanningfield Reservoir, Chelmsford, Essex

Why do I travel north from my home in East Sussex where I'm surrounded by excellent trout fisheries to cross the Thames to go fly fishing?... Read More

Powdermill Resevoir May 2009

If you go down in the woods in May your sure of a big surprise because hidden there is the most beautiful trout fishery I know Powdermill Reservoir... Read More

Arlington Reservoir April 2009

Nestling under the South Downs, just north of Eastbourne, Arlington reservoir is one of my favourite venues to fish during the spring, my love affair with this water started several years ago and what brings me back time and again? The hard fighting rainbows that rise freely to the abundant fly life... Read More

Eastwell Park Trout Fishery


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Chalybeate Springs

This beautiful 2 acre lake is set in parkland on the Eridge Estate just south of Tunbridge Wells and the new owner Michael Evans aims to provide top quality fly fishing in peaceful surroundings..... Read More

Bewl Water

I've always considered Bewl to be my "home water" living within walking distance of the reservoir as I do. Over the years I've spent countless hours fishing its banks and more recently boat fishing it. I've fished there every year since its inception twenty seasons ago, in the early years I fished it exclusively but as the years have rolled by I've wandered around the south's many and varied trout fisheries..... Read More

Powdermill Reservoir

Powdermill Reservoir is probably the most attractive of all the trout reservoirs certainly in this area. It is unique and at 56 acres intimate with its small bays, overhanging trees and miles away from any main road. For those who haven't visited it they are missing out, it is tucked away somewhere between Brede and Sedlescombe deep in the East Sussex countryside and to approach it you must drive down tiny country lanes.... Read More

Arlington Reservoir

Arlington press day gave me the chance to fish with Andy Lush of the Friendly Fishermen again, an experience I look forward to with relish. Andy is far better fly fisherman than me and when I fish with him I usually pick up a tip, or two and the trip to Arlington was no different..... Read More