Lure Fishing Articles

Jigging Article Part 2

In Part 1 I covered the technique of deep water jigging and its benefits, now in Part 2 I’ll detail the tackle we use. Read More

Jigging Article Part 1

Over the last few years James Gardner and I have devoted much our time to fishing large waters in the Midlands for Zander and Perch, with the occasional trip to much larger waters on the continent. Read More

Bewl Water 2012

Very rarely does something comes along unexpectedly that really excites me. Read More

Salt Water Lure Fishing for Beginners by Iestyn Jones & Keith White

In this article we have two of the UK�s most successful Bass and predator anglers in a Q&A session, aimed at beginners wishing to have a go for saltwater Bass or even more experienced anglers looking for a few extra tips. Read More

Guide to Traces & Mainlines by Andy Lush

Solid traces are essential items if you are going to fish with jerkbaits, they are used for two reasons firstly to prevent tangles during the cast and more importantly to stop the trace fouling the front treble as the jerkbait glides forward, a problem that will occur if you try using flexible traces . Read More

Guide to Lure Techniques by Andy Lush

So now you�ve decided to start lure fishing, you have got your rod, reel, traces and lures � now what do you do with them? There are many different methods and techniques that you can use to get the best out of the lures hopefully the following information will at least give you an insight into the many techniques you can use. Read More

How to make a logical selection of lures? by Andy Lush

The most important thing is to know the waters you are going to fish, and select a variety of baits that will cover different depths up to the maximum depth available. Read More

Fishing Topwater Lures by Gord Burton

This is a very exciting form of lure fishing for pike, simply because you see the lure taken by the fish, often in explosive style! To see a biggie hammer into a surface lure is heart stopping, for sure. Read More

Getting Started: Jerkbait Tackle by Derek Macdonald

To reach the lure's full potential a fairly stiff actioned rod around 6' - 6'6" in length is ideal, I can hear you saying "why so short". Traditional 9' or 10' spinning rods are too long and too soft for this method, absorbing much of the action you are trying to achieve as they flex, the downward rod strokes would also hit the water. Read More

Getting Started: Tackle - What to use? by Gord Burton

This is a dodgy question having rods on the market carrying my name but here's a good guide on what are required. The ideal rod length for fishing with light to mid weight range topwater and crankbaits is something in the eight to nine foot range with a reasonable stiff action, after all its pike were after and such a rod is needed for setting the hooks on the strike and playing what could turn out to be very big fish. Such rods can be fished with a fixed spool reel or a multiplier, the choice is yours. Read More

Jerkbaits, what you need to know by Derek MacDonald

In layman�s terms a Jerkbait is a lump of wood or plastic, shaped into the desired proportions and meticulously weighted with lead. Read More

Shallow Divers by Andy Lush

There's a huge variety of lures that fit into this category, they're quite simply the most versatile baits of all. Read More

Spoons by Mick Brown

If you are looking for lures that are easy to use and also very effective, look no further than spoons. Read More

Spinners & Spinnerbaits by Mick Brown

The great thing about Spinners and Spinnerbaits is like spoons they are very easy to use, effective at any time of the year and in any depth of water. With a little thought they will catch fish, wherever you fish. Read More

Shallow Running Plugs by Gord Burton

When pike are located in water less than ten feet deep they can be tempted by using shallow diving plugs and by that I mean that dive will no more than ten feet when casting and retrieving. I use this approach at any time of the year and have had good results at all times. Read More

Deep Diving Plugs by Gord Burton

These type of plugs are used for a great deal of my fishing on the big waters and mostly in clear water conditions. Read More

Bass on Plugs by Steve Butler and Mike Hughes

Steve Butler and Mike Hughes are two of the best Bass lure anglers in Wales. They have had tremendous numbers of lure caught Bass, up to 10lb, and other species such as Pollock, Coalfish, Codling, Mackerel, Wrasse, Garfish, Gurnard and Sea Trout in their pursuit.... Read More

Confidence with Lures by Mick Brown

As a professional pike angling guide, I expected most of my business to be in the wintertime. More and more though, I am receiving requests for spring and summer pike sessions with lures.... Read More

Lure Fishing Tips and Techniques

Solid Traces
Solid traces are essential items if you are going to fish with jerkbaits, they are used for two reasons firstly to prevent tangles during the cast and more importantly to stop the trace fouling the front treble as the jerkbait glides... Read More