Pike Bait Fishing Articles

Successful reservoir piking, a time to think tactics. By James Gardner

I hate being proved wrong -who doesn't. However this season I've been forced to eat humble pie and have a rethink. The venue is Bough Beech reservoir in Kent, a place many will remember from a decade ago when it was producing some monster pike to over 40 pounds. Read more

How to succeed with deadbaits - the whole story by Andy Lush

To successfully and consistently catch pike on deadbaits or any other methods come to that needs a certain amount of planning. The best bait and tackle in the world will fail if you have not put some thought into where your quarry the pike is going to be, i.e. Location. Read More

How to catch pike in winter by Andy Lush

How can you catch Stillwater pike in the winter when the water is at its coldest and often coloured? Read More

The Appeal of Reservoir Piking by Bill Palmer [Author of Dimples to Wrinkles]

Steve quietly steers the boat into the bay along the margins, the Minn-Kota's electric motor is hardly turning. The four floats have a good spread and the baits are working well, some grebes are fishing to my right. Read More