Other Species Articles

Reading the River by Neil Wayte

With the new season just a couple of weeks away and many of us looking forward to the opening of the rivers, lets walk down the river and point out some of the features that we should be looking for. Every river in the country is different but there are certain aspects that transfer from rivers, as diverse as the Thames to the Itchen. These rivers may differ in size but that is the only major difference. Read More

Thames Perching by Mike Davidson

Ever since I first started fishing, I always had a distinct fascination for Perch. It probably had something to do with the fact that on my local River Lea, they were one of the easier species to catch on fairly crude and basic tackle! Since those early days I have regularly caught lots of perch, but the bigger specimens always seemed to elude me....... until the last year or so. I went through an incredible phase of taking friends out on my boat, fishing the River Thames in search of some of its larger residents and watching them catch incredible fish, while I continued to be on pest control, weaning all the small fish out of the swim!. Read More