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Over the last few weeks with the weather staying so cool the trout fishing has been nothing short of exceptional. The Mayfly season kicked off in style on my favourite “bolt hole” Powdermill reservoir near Sedlescombe in East Sussex. Read More

The Lure of the Fly

I’ve been torn between my two favourite styles of fishing over the last month. As the weather has gradually improved I’ve had the urge to go fly fishing again, an itch that just had to be scratched. Read More

Starting Stillwater Trout Fishing - Part II

Last month in part we looked at the basics, finding the natural food larder the trout want to feed on, presenting our fly in this area, basics of boat fishing and Spring time. Now in part 2 we will look at the other 2 seasons for fly fishing and also cover some other useful information. Read More

Starting Stillwater Trout Fishing - Part I

Newcomers to fly fishing will find the prospect of casting a fur and feather creation that vaguely resembles some food item very daunting indeed, confidence is a rare commodity at this point so it’s not surprising that a little inspiration is necessary. Read More

Reservoir Dry Fly Tactics

I've written a few features for the trout magazines in the past focused on our local reservoirs, in these I said how successful dry flies can be, even under the most demanding conditions, space didn't allow me to elaborate on the methods I used at the time, nore how I made my decisions on the days in question... Read More