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Spanish Gold

Andy Lush has spent the last ten years visiting the huge reservoirs of Spain, targetting the super-charged barbel that patrol the margins with dry flies Read More.

Andyís annual pilgrimage...

Iíve been visiting Extremadura for the last decade the reason I keep returning to this region is its vast largely unspoilt reservoirs. ...Read More.

Spanish Barbel Article by Andy Lush

During 2010 Andy did an article for Fly Fishing & Fly Tying magazine on Spanish barbel, they have kindly given us permission to link to the the article on their website, click here to read this article.

Catfish by Luke Moffat

With the growing interest in cat fishing we have an informative article by Luke Moffat on how, when and where to catch catfish, on a personal note I would like to thank Luke for sharing his knowledge and company with James Gardner and myself [Andy Lush] in April of this year and helping us catch many huge catfish (over 1,300lbs in 6 days)... Read More

"Fishy tales" - The Quest

This article was written some years ago when my son was still "wet behind the ears", a mere youth, he's now a young man who's larger than his ol' dad... Read More

Fishing for Spanish Barbel by Andy Lush

A break from my usual fishing haunts saw a group of my friends and I journey to Spain for a spot of fly fishing 'on the wild side'... Read More

"And now for something completely different" by Andy Lush

Mention freshwater fishing in Spain and immediately one thinks of huge catfish or giant carp in the river Ebro, Iíve enjoyed catching both from this mighty river so my latest trip to Spain with my fishing pal, James Gardner, was to be something quite different.... Read More