Lure Blog #45

Finally autumn has arrived!

Now the FUN begins, I can start lure fishing for freshwater predators again now the water’s cooled off. Rutland, Grafham and Bewl Water, I have good news regarding Bewl, more about this later. The next few months are going to be exciting!

Big waters pose problems when it comes to locating fish, this is where lure fishing comes to the fore. You can search vast areas of water quickly and catch fish into the bargain. This season I aim to focus on Pike more often than in recent years. Over the past six or seven seasons I’ve been distracted fishing for Zander and Perch, it’s been an exciting journey learning their habits and how to catch them, lots of them! I might add that the journey’s not over yet, there’s always something new to learn and perfect. I just fancy a change, learning where Pike live on Rutland is going to be a new challenge and it’s one I’m looking forward to.

Team Englands Rikki Cooper and Mark Parker from Angling Times

Team England's Rikki Cooper & Mark Parker from Angling Times

FIPS-ed World Lure Angling Championship  at Rutland Water

This event is going to be huge with eighteen teams competing for the World title. There are teams from all over Europe and as far afield as the United States of America. Rutland will be a hive of activity over the next few weeks leading up to the event as teams practice on this unique water.

It’s going to be very interesting seeing how the foreign angler’s coup with Rutland’s deep water, the competition rules do not allow “vertical jigging”, one of the most effective methods of catching Zander and Perch on this venue. Casting is the only style permitted, I’m going to have “birds eye view” of how the Romanian team rise to the challenge as I’ll be guiding them for several days. They will have to familiarise themselves not only with the water but also with Rutland’s boats. This will be a culture shock to all the competitors as most of them will be used to fishing from their own “custom built” fishing craft! I’m curious to see how their methods and tackle differ from my own? I’m sure I’m going to learn some new tricks and techniques that I can add to my armoury.

Bewl Water’s Predator Season

I’m pleased to announce that Bewl Water is introducing a Predator ticket for Pike and Perch anglers this autumn. The season kicks off on October 31st and runs through to January 31st. Day tickets will be £19, fishing is from boats only using lures or sea dead baits, no live baits allowed. Boats prices are £22 for two or three people with a single man, “billy no mates” rate of £17. For more information visit or 01892-890000.

James Gardner with a Bewl Water Twenty

James Gardner with a Bewl Water Twenty

My friends and I have fished Bewl many times over the years, it’s always been a “tough nut to crack” with only limited opportunities in the past. What’s exciting now is the opportunity to fish there regularly, under different weather patterns and learn how and where to catch the fish. With so many trout waters opening their doors to predator fishing Bewl has rather been forgotten. I’m not for one moment suggesting that Bewl can compare with the likes of Chew, but if you fancy finding some unknown fish for yourself then give it a go. There’s a chance of something special now that Bream have entered the reservoir which adds to the already prolific Trout in their diet. Finally don’t forget the Perch, although I’ve struggled to catch anything monsters it doesn’t mean they’re not there. This season we will be allowed to use smaller lures if fished “vertically”, to avoid the Trout. So there we have it an unknown quantity on our doorstep this is so rare in this day and age! See you there?

This Bewl Perch fancied a big meal

This Bewl Perch fancied a big meal!

Tight lines.

Andy Lush

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