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REC £7.99 SALE PRICE £4.99

Dispersion pop-ups are the best commercial hookbaits, infused with premium flavours, feeding triggers, pigments and lovingly hand rolled on a superb HNV pop-up mix which stays Buoyant without the aid of extra buoyancy, i.e. cork.

The ‘Glo range’ offers the brightest hookbaits available without having to make your own, the ‘Dispersion’ hookbaits, once immersed in water start to plume colour and scent around them, which offers an edge as the cloud can continue dispersing for hours, superb on Zig-Rigs. Once the coating disperses it reveals the inner hi-viz hookbait. A good tactic here is to trim the top off a Dispersion pop-up giving an instant Hi-vis “topper” effect. Enjoy!

THE CREAM 365 the creamy option has been enhanced with a liquid food which is soluble all year round with a high amino acid profile for added attraction to single your hookbait from the rest, if fished over a spread of bait.

The flavour package has been paired with premium feed triggers and enhancers to give you the user a hookbait that will stand out from the crowd and be readily accepted due to the use of subtle not harsh flavours.

TOP TIP Over weight your hookbait as once the coating has Dispersed the bait becomes more buoyant.