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A revolutionary new product that will change the way you fish. Made from an ultra buoyant material and a highly visual colour compound they are the perfect product for a multitude of fishing set-ups.
These are the ultimate buoyant hook bait.

There’s no doubt that bright, buoyant hook baits catch carp. So, here at Avid we decided to create a range of revolutionary hook baits that would allow you to catch more carp. They are infused with fish attractors that are built-in during the manufacturing process that will have every fish homing in on each and every hook bait.

Alternatively, if you want to boost the High-Lites yourself, all you need to do as add your favourite liquid to a pot of them.

They are absolutely ideal for zig rigs, pop-ups and snowman rigs. They will stay popped up forever and will never let you down.

If you’re a big fan of the Chod, but your sick of your pop-ups sinking over the course of your session, these are certainly the product for you.

They are available in a whole host of exciting colours. What are you waiting for? They WILL increase your catch rate!

Available in 10mm and 14mm, quantity 8