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The new ‘Classic Flavour Popup Sweetcorn Range’ is a range of buoyant imitation corn hook baits in liquid flavour, incorporating some of the most successful flavours and additives of all time.

Frank Warkick says:
“I have found through extensive field testing over the years, that results have been consistently better with the flavoured corn, compared to the plain version. There is very little doubt in my mind that besides the obvious visual attraction, the fish are much more inclined to sample the flavoured corn when it triggers their olfactory receptors (much the same as the smell of food makes us feel more inclined to eat).

We have selected a range of some of the greatest flavours ever, to bring you the very best options to improve your baits pulling power. These baits work either on their own, over particles, or tipping any type of boilile from food baits to single high attract hook baits. In fact virtually any hook bait will be dramatically improved with their inclusion.

Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Hinders Betalin
Betalin is the strongest natural sweetener available it can’t be overloaded and has a fantastic track record. Betalin has proven carp puller betaine dissolved down into it to add to its catching power and provides a lingering smell and taste even when baits have been left out for long periods. It makes a great dip for plastic baits. These flavoured corn hook baits will work ether on their own, over particles, or when tipping baits such as boilies, pellets etc.

Rod Hutchinson Legend Flavours

Monster Crab is a weapon of mass destruction you have to be careful with, your missus could lose her priceless patience. By the way, its smell and taste track is the right one to empty your favourite river or channel, giving great performances together with all the fishmeal mixes. Monster Crab is placed right over there in the Olympus of the carp baits.

Mulberry Florentine is an authentic nuclear bomb. You will be enchanted by its incredible aphrodisiac profile you will smell pure essence of summer, flowers, fruits.

Nouvelle Fizz is made up by a mix of secret substances. The result is a very sweet liquid, fruity and creamy in taste. Something close to a very mature fruit. This powerful liquid is one of Rod’s favourites, sold across Europe for many years, and responsible for some of Mr. Hutchinson’s best catches

Megaspice is the king of the spicy flavours. It is sweet at the right level, and is endowed of incredible persistency. Megaspice has no equal amongst other spicy flavours on the trade, because its original recipe is known only by Rod. Megaspice can be added to every kind of mix, and you can be sure it will deeply mark its taste and smell structures to form an almighty bait!