Standard REC £7.50 SALE PRICE £6.00 LAST 1!
X-Long REC £7.99 SALE PRICE £6.00 LAST 1!

A unique Gardner product, the Suspender is a hugely successful floater controller that catches the cagiest surface feeding carp thanks to its ingenious design.

The Suspender allows the hooklink to be kept above the surface which means that fish do not see the silhouette of the hooklink drastically reducing the chances of fish turning away at the last moment.

The Suspender incorporates a counter weight at its base which means the controller is fished ’half cocked’ and along with the hooklink swivel being tucked into the silicone sleeve at the top, bite indication is unmissable and takes are often highly explosive!

Now even stronger with added tapered rubber sleeves to reinforce the stem.

Based on the fantastic Suspender floater controller float, the XL is an extended version of the original but without the counter weight below the float body.

It has been designed to be used as an anchored floater set up, with a running lead placed above the XL Suspender on the mainline so that after it has been cast out, the line is fed out until the float surfaces and then gently tensioned so it sits ‘half cocked’, keeping the hooklink clear of the water.

As with the original Suspender, bait can be presented perfectly without any hooklink lying on the surface, meaning fewer fish will turn away at the last second.

The rig also acts as an effective ‘bolt rig’ and bites are unmissable.

Now even stronger with added tapered rubber sleeves to reinforce the stem.

Full Instructions included.