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The E.T. Predator Tackle range of floats have been designed with high performance and longevity in mind. Our entire range of floats have been made from wood, which stands up to far more abuse than their plastic equivalents.

The In-Line Troller has an internal metal insert in the floats top this prevents modern braids forming a groove with continued use and jamming on the line.

The weight capacity is calculated to half cock the float providing enough buoyancy to support a live or dead bait.

These are seriously tough floats, well-designed and solidly put together and after several months use they are showing hardly any signs of wear at all.

The floats are made from wood, I guess it must be balsa, and so are far more resistant to snapping than their foam or plastic equivalents and have a thick layer of paint that is hard to mark with your thumbnail even if you dig it right in.

The inline sliders actually have a metal tube inserted in them which, unlike the plastic ones you usually get, wonít crack, split or groove and threading them onto braid is really easy, it just glides right through. These are great for paternostered or suspended deadbaits while the equally well built dumpy slider is a super float for livebaiting.

I love float fishing for pike, itís so much more enjoyable than sitting behind bobbins, but nine times out of ten the float ends up in the landing net along with a big thrashing pike and itís here where the float usually gets trashed.

Well itís no more trashed floats for me, I doubt Iíll need to invest in new pike floats for a long time to come. Eric Edwards