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The first thing you’ll notice about this hook is its impressive gape – it really does push the limits of what a wide gape hook can offer. This is complemented by a beaked point, giving you hypodermic-like sharpness which can pierce the mouth of even the gnarliest old carp. Its micro-barb gives you that extra bit of confidence, especially when you are fishing for a huge personal best which would be devastating to lose. The sweeping curved shank of the hook and in-turned eye was inspired by the success Tom had experienced with the Korda Kurv and, combined with the wide gape and sharp point, leaves you with an uncompromising hook pattern designed to succeed. In fact, in product testing, this hook pattern was proven to hook fish those vital few millimetres deeper. It might be a small difference, but differences like this can make all the difference in terms of your angling success. After all, there is nothing more devastating than suffering a hook pull on a potential personal best! If you’re looking to get more fish hooked and landed then you need look no further – the Korda Krank is the perfect tool for you.

The Korda Krank has proven particularly popular when used in conjunction with the KD rig, especially when rigged using the classic knotless knot. This ensures that you can fish with an exceptionally simple pattern which offers you devastating results. What’s more, it ensures that this hook is highly versatile, as it can be used in a whole variety of scenarios in order to ensure angling success. If you’re looking for a high quality hook which has been proven to succeed then the Korda Krank is the one for you.