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Lovec-Rapy wobblers are based on the observation of real fish. Special care is put into the design and the shape of their body and movement. Lovec-Rapy wobblers are designed to come close to the natural movement of fish. These lures are still hand made, hand painted and tank tested!

This set has been selected for depths up to 3m

1 x Barbel Straight Minnow
If you want to catch big fish, use a big Wobbler”, it’s a very simple principle that is still true. This Wobbler is best used to catch big hungry predators. The Barbel series are suitable for spinning and trolling.
15cm / 32g 0.8 - 2.5m

1 x Crucian
The Crucian is a Jerkbait that can be straight retrieved or fished with a short choppy rod action that produces sharp right angled turns that drive Pike, Catfish and Zander wild. In fact this lure can be fished in a variety of ways, that all work, so vary the style to give erratic movements that resembles a sick or struggling fish.
9cm / 43g 3m

1 x Power Perch ’Deep’
This family of Wobblers are a life-like imitation of a real Perch, available in typical Perch colours. The marked fins and aggressive action make this lure an all-rounder, suitable for every known predator.
13cm / 27.5g 2 - 3m