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The VRS (Ven-Tec Rip Stop) is a versatile 5 Season sleeping bag that can also be turned into a 3 Season option for the warmer months. It is based on our original multi-award winning Evo Ven-Tec All Season bag and features our brand-new Ven-Tec Rip Stop waterproof outer fabric...

Waterproof Ven-Tec Rip Stop outer fabric
Utilises 7 Core Hollow Fibre filling which is silicone treated to help maintain shape and expand fibres
Comprises a total of 4 layers allowing you to sleep with 1, 2 or 3 layers above or below you
Contains a removable thermal booster bag, which is micro fleece lined on all sides and packed with 7 core hollow fibre fill
Base and upper layer also packed with top quality 7 core hollow fibre fill
Polyester lined base layer
Micro fleece lining gives incredible warmth and comfort
Offset panel stitching helps to keep warm air inside the bag
10mm heavy-duty crash zips that don’t snag when you need to exit the bag in a hurry
Oversized external zip baffles help to keep cold air out and warm air in
Oversized internal baffles packed with hollow fill to keep warm air in bag prevent it escaping through zips
Elasticated hoods at head and foot end plus elasticated strap in middle to help secure bag to bedchair
Zipped mesh pockets on both sides are perfect for storing valuable items such as receiver, keys, phone and wallet
Pillow retaining hood helps to stop your pillow from sliding off the bed
Hot foot pocket – zips stop short at the foot end to create a thermal pocket around your feet
Supplied in stuff sack
Available in three sizes VRS1 (ideal for compact bedchairs such as R1 Camo) , VRS2 (designed for standard sized bedchairs such as Flatliner and R2 Camo) and VRS3 (designed for larger beds such as Kingsize Flatliner and R3 Camo)

RS2 – 6.6kg W 93cm X L 213cm