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Struggling to get your tackle to the bank, fed up with your barrow tipping over on uneven banks?

Here are some hard facts for you to think about:

Bivvy, bed, chair, sleeping bag, food bag, carryalls, bait, unhooking mat, water average weight over 100lbs, no wonder you are always exhausted when you arrive at your swim.

Why continue to suffer, when you can reach distant swims with ease, why struggle on uneven, difficult banks when you can simply cruise over the most rugged terrain.

The Juggernaut is the only choice on the toughest banks, the only way to safely transport your precious tackle, the only barrow with the muscle to deliver everything you carry, no weight limits, no boundaries simply go anywhere you want. The Juggernaut has been engineered and tested to withstand more punishment than you could ever subject it to.

Out hauls, out manoeuvres any barrow no wonder Dave Lane uses the Juggernaut.
Larger wheels easily handles rough terrain and provides a smooth easy ride
Compact and easy to transport great for smaller vehicles
Easy to manoeuvre 3 wheel design provides the ultimate stability
Quick easy folding so simple to assemble
Engineered and tested to withstand any punishment
Base Length: 94cm
Width unextended: 77cm
Width extended: 107cm

Frame weight: 16 kg
Wheels weigh: 12.5 kg
Total weight: 28.5 kg