KORDA - KABLE LEADCORE product image


REC £6.50 SALE PRICE £5.20 LAST 1!

You might wonder why it took us so long to produce a leadcore. Well, you wonít be surprised to learn that it took this long because the development team wanted Kable to exceed expectations. The tricky part was to really break ground when it came to camouflage. Rather than just settle for the standard flecked leadcore, the development team decided to investigate novel ways of hiding our new leader material.

The Kable camouflage colours have been chosen to replicate the most common types of lake bed that we fish over. As with the Dark Matter range, there are two Kable colour combinations available, this time Weed/Silt and Gravel.

Kable is easy to splice using Korda needles and thatís the best way to achieve a secure loop. Itís a relatively thin leadcore for itís breaking strain and is remarkably supple, laying over bottom contours nicely. Kable is supplied on 7m and 25m bulk spools.

If, like all at Korda, you believe that youíll get more bites by making sure that the fish canít see your end tackle, then youíll love this little family of products!