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The main consideration when developing a casting line is how to rate it in terms of diameter and breaking strain. In the match fishing world, the spoken language is in terms of millimetres and diameters, not pounds and breaking strains. In carp fishing, things are very different ‚ all anglers only talk in breaking strain, seemingly without ever considering the actual thickness. This means that almost all carp fishing lines are MASSIVELY underrated in terms of breaking strain.

For example, a popular 15lb line breaks at over 23lb and has a diameter of 0.40mm. That is a thickness comparable to a 20lb line, but is sold as 15lb. Therefore, everybody says this line is strong‚ but amazingly hardly anybody says this is bloody thick!

Obviously, where casting is concerned, diameter suddenly becomes the main consideration and if you speak to any of the country’s leading casters they all, without exception, speak in terms of diameter knowing full well that while one 10lb line may be 0.32mm, another 10lb line measuring 0.30mm will outperform it and cast further.
We consulted the Tackle Box to see how varied the range of lines sold as 12lb actually is. Incredibly of the 20 different brands of 12lb line sold, the diameter varies from 0.26mm right up to 0.38mm. These are all rated at 12lb yet have actual breaking strains from as low as 9.8lb up to a massive 22.5lb!

Suddenly it becomes clear why it is so misleading to talk in pounds. Only true diameter together with an accurately rated breaking strain makes sense, not what the line has been labelled as.

Korda Adrena-Line is accurately rated for breaking strain which means that on a Palomar knot it will break at just over its stated breaking strain. For example 12lb Adrena-Line breaks at 13lb.

What does this mean for the angler? Because Adrena-Line is honestly rated, it means that the angler knows exactly what to expect from it and because it is generally lower in diameter than other 12lbs lines, it will cast further too!!

The colour is another area we looked at closely; clear lines can actually be very obtrusive so we looked at a morphing the colour of the line along its length so that it changes shade frequently. This unquestionably helps to break up the outline and because the colour we have chosen is a naturally occurring pale brown, the line blends in well with just about any surroundings.

So, with specimen anglers incorporating it into their armoury on demanding waters, we wanted to see how it performs as originally designed - casting!

There was no better way to find out other than to give a spool to monster caster Terry Edmonds. In a recent tournament casting competition, Terry blasted a remarkable 223.06m, which is roughly 244yrd, using Adrena-Line in 0.33mm diameter. He achieved this unbelievable distance using Harrison rods and 5oz leads. All I can say is WOW because he now holds the Kent fixed spool casting record! Terry has also been using it in fishing situations with a lovely 30lb common being his latest capture.

But these aspects alone aren’t enough to make Adrena-Line truly stand out from the crowd. The line has a remarkably limp, supple finish that is softer than anything we have seen allowing it to be cast astonishing distances with ease.

When designing a line to have a particularly prevalent characteristic (ie. tougher, or perhaps more supple, softer etc.), it almost always means sacrificing other elements.

For example, the toughest lines are invariably coarse and wiry which inhibits casting distance while soft casting lines tend to be poor performers in the abrasion resistance arena. Adrena-Line was designed first and foremost as a casting line, so it was a very pleasant surprise to find that it out performed several lines that are perceived as being market leaders for abrasion resistance. It appeared at this stage that we had a very special line on our hands and lengthy field testing began.

Over the course of summer and winter 2007 it was used to great effect with our field testers taking ten 50lb plus carp while long range, distance casting at demanding foreign venues. Our own Damian Clarke landed his personal best of 55lbs while young Tom Dove caught his best overseas fish at 47lb plus backed up with another 40. The boss used it too and had a phenomenal catch including a new PB of over 60lbs!
The finished article is the first line from Korda and one that we are very proud of; it has proved itself to be an outstanding performer both in the laboratory and on the bank with few other lines coming even close to matching its all round capabilities.